GOP El Niño Summer

There’s little in the way of rationale to explain the aberrant GOP Presidential politics’ plummet into utter lunacy this summer, so why not just create the myth that it must be the influence of the 2015 “Godzilla” El Niño? It’s probably a better explanation than the inside-the-beltway political pundits can offer at the moment.

So after the long hot El Niño summer, will the campaign resemble an epic California winter El Niño mountain mudslide? We’re all waiting for the inevitable river of muck to come rushing through consuming humanity in its inexorable destructive chaos. The harbingers of a winter of GOP insanity are certainly in the gathering storm clouds created by an increasing volume and velocity of competitive political puffery.

It seems the GOP has struck out on a path of “war on everyone and everything” on a never before seen scale. The antiquated “war on crime,” “war on drugs,” and “war on terror” have melded into a universal “war” that consumes every tenet of morality and humanity.

The ink had not even dried on the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 when the political subterfuge to disembowel both acts began with the “wars” de rigeur. J. Edgar Hoover’s data files amassed through his unchecked beliefs of rampant conspiratorial criminality on every Main Street in the country pales by comparison to the data files authorized by the USA Patriot Act of 2001. The Patriot Act fundamentally gave law enforcement unprecedented powers substantively establishing a police state that makes the FBI civil powers during World War II and into the 1970s seem like child’s play.

Although proclaimed by the overwhelmingly white male politicians in Washington in the 1970s that racism and sexism no longer existed, women and people of color knew it was the great lie of the century. Along came “Uncle Ronald” who managed to lull the country with his velvet actor’s rhetoric in the 1980s. The Cold War was falling apart, the USSR was feeding on itself, the Berlin Wall fell down, and Reagan’s “Star Wars” kept school children from hiding under desks. All the white male politicians were strutting about back-patting with a belief akin to what “Dubya” later facetiously dubbed “mission accomplished.”

On the surface, “happy days were here again” for the WASP majority, and rights activism interest began to wane in the public’s suburbia comfort. Along came 9/11/2001, and it was a collective horror followed by an unprecedented “Chicken Little” fear sold to the populace by the inside-the-beltway political-industrial cabal. Eisenhower’s military-industrial complex shifted into high gear far beyond his original conception. War is a very lucrative business of business.

“Dubya’s mission accomplished” now shifted into a “war on citizens” with a blatant erosion of rights and a phenomenal shift of wealth not seen since the “Dark Ages.” The beginning of the 21st century heralded an economy that siphoned money from about 90% of the population to the 10% of the government-subsidized nouveau riche. The SCOTUS Citizens United decision allowed the Kochs and their ilk the power to fundamentally buy the country at “fire sale” prices.

The environment we see today with the GOP Presidential candidate country-wide feeding frenzy against everything that is morally right is nothing more than the culmination of decades of systemic discrimination against almost everyone who is not a wealthy, politically-connected, white male. As the GOP enters their headlong dash to run off the cliff behind the Barnum and Bailey circus tent, it begs the question of how can the inside-the-beltway pundits possibly be mystified. Prepare for the effects of the GOP El Niño to come!


  1. Wow, and now the 14th Amendment to the Constitution as well as colonial common law is under siege. By last count, six GOP candidates are rushing headlong to wipe out “birthright citizenship.” Perhaps the infamous “Make America Great Again” is code for “Make America White Again.”

    • Just musing — wondering if some of these GOPers realize that some of the “babies” they refer to are adult voting citizens. Oopsie.

  2. It’s starting to get frightening with an egomaniacal tyrant ascendant conjuring up images of an Orwellian future state. We are beset by doublethink and newspeak at increasing levels. Orwell’s 1984 is required reading.

  3. Following Trump’s Alabama debacle, it is now clearer than ever that the code for “Make America Great Again” is really “Make America White Again.” White supremacists were out in force and the only thing missing from the scene was KKK robes. Neither Trump nor his loyal staffers have moved to condemn supremacist or xenophobic actions. Rather they have chosen to plead ignorance while lauding the passion of Trump supporters.

  4. Carson declared “no war on women.” Wait, wait for it. . . The brain surgeon proclaimed the “war on what’s inside women.” Stay tuned for the Carson Anatomy 101 lesson. But meanwhile, he wants to put fetuses on the “endangered species” list. Does this guy have just a few loose synapses in his brain?

  5. Trump’s New Hampshire dance with Islam-phobia was accompanied by Carson, his new dance partner. Carson requires a religious “test” for Presidential candidates (with a lame, ineffective attempt to back down from stridency). Now Jeb! has walked all over his candidate of inclusivity image by running from multiculturalism. The GOP message of “Make America White Again” is starting to become the GOP trumpet call. Will it ever end? The Godzilla El Niño has no end in sight.

  6. Now the winter El Niño of California mudslides and torrential rain clouds are upon the GOP Presidential race. The question remains of who will be buried in the rising muck and who will be swept off with the increasing political flotsam in the raging flood currents?

    The contrast between the GOP and Democratic Party debates was startling. On one hand we had children digging in the sandbox trying to find cat poop to fling at each other; while, on the other hand we had reasonable adults engaging in substantive discussion of the key issues facing our nation.

    How did the nimble Democratic candidates manage to escape the ravages experienced by the GOP with the Godzilla El Niño of 2015?

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