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Bernie Sanders is a bit of an enigma to many–folks just don’t “get” him because he is not the conventional politician. I remember working out of his congressional office back in the 1990s when we were lobbying against DOMA and for ENDA. He’s quite a fascinating character, and one of the most passionate legislators on core human rights issues you will find anywhere in the Capitol building.

Bernie speaks from the heart, and he doesn’t feed you any BS just for political expediency. Sometimes he’s brutally honest, but that’s what makes his integrity beyond reproach. His wit is typically sly New England understatement, and you have to pay attention to get it. It goes over the heads of a lot of media folks, and it is amusing to see befuddled reporters when they’ve been had without knowing it.

It’s a bit of a mystery to me why Bernie gets so little press coverage when he’s one of the most viable Presidential candidates we have, but then the circus tends to get the higher entertainment ratings. It begs the question of the inanity of the serious business of choosing a President based solely on the entertainment value of the candidate.

Bernie is probably the only presidential candidate who has a comprehensive and cogent outline of the issues and how he proposes to address each of them. What will probably surprise many folks is that he already has bills before Congress on many of the issues. All he needs is a Congress that will take action rather than one content with sitting on their collective thumbs.

So take a trip to Bernie’s campaign web site and see what he’s doing to put this country back in the hands of the people. Bernie is serious, and every thinking voter in the country should be too.

Bernie Sanders on the ISSUES!

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