Fluff, Fiction, and Fear

We’re looking at some Presidential candidates brimming with fluff, fiction, and fear for their constituency’s consumption. Unfortunately, many voters play into the game as their emotions are manipulated by expert actors who woo them with an overwhelming dose of bombastic fluff coupled with a large load of utter fiction beyond belief, and twisting the basest of human emotions into irrational personal terror.

Ethnic and cultural xenophobia can easily become the tool to manipulate people by appealing to long-standing homogeneous social comfort. It leads to a “we-they” class or race segregation where one class or race actively seeks some form of domination over another. When the ills suffered by one class or race are placed on another class or race, the situation shown throughout recorded human history is highly volatile with frequent genocidal clashes of varying scale highly probable.

Given enough Orwellian “newspeak” and “doublethink,” it is entirely possible to manipulate a society to the point where it seems rational to cede unconditional control to a single person or small group even at the expense of the individual. We witnessed the phenomena less than 15 years ago with the institution of the USA Patriot Act of 2001. To this day our personal constitutional liberties are at the whim of “Big Brother.”

The 21st century ushered in an exponentially growing economic disparity largely through war profiteering and unchecked economic manipulation that was further exacerbated by deep recession. It all set the stage for increasing political control by the economic elite that manipulated a predominately white religious fundamentalist social subset. However, changing demographics shifted the democratic balance of power. It forced extreme political manipulation to sustain class dominance given the reality of a Black President whose authority was challenged in virtually every way conceivable. The power struggle continues to escalate.

We’ve arrived at the final “Orwellian” chapter, and it is up to every citizen to either blindly consign their fate to it, or rise up and write it. Enough fluff, fiction, and fear. It is time for the citizens to deal rationally with clear facts and set out on a course to mold a society that is broadly inclusive and founded in strong principles of humanity.



  1. Christie panders to fear and launches his personal version of a “war on crime and terror” which is clearly a war on humanity and global peace. He seems to be rapidly assimilating Trump’s “Make America White Again” coded messages.

  2. David Duke’s rambling quasi-approval of Trump underscores the continuous subtext of “Make America White Again.”

  3. More fluff, fiction, and fear played out with statement of violent roving immigrant gangs in Ferguson, MO. The uninformed revel in it with no regard to facts. The “Make America White Again” subtext continues to thrive amongst a growing constituency.

  4. “Make America White Again” Trump now panders to “Tea Party” extremism with additional policing empowerment. Statements substantively establish an even stronger police state.

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