For Their Futures’ Sake

Yes, I fear for their future and safety every day. These kids are bright and excel in advanced placement programs in school. The oldest is also recognized as a star in city-wide athletics. They didn’t ask to be born into a society filled with hate against them simply for the color of their skin. All of them have had to be taught how to interact as safely as possible with law enforcement officers–a shame, but a necessary survival skill. They have already witnessed someone shot and killed just a few feet away from them. I sometimes cry when I think of the challenges they will have to face–many are challenges they should not have to face. These are my grandchildren. It’s for their futures’ sake that I encourage everyone to actively engage in initiatives to bring about lasting deep social change on a broad scale.

Campaign Zero is one of many initiatives that merits very strong support to bring equality and humanity into our social construct. We owe it to our future as a nation to act decisively. All ten facets are critical to bring about meaningful and hopefully lasting change. Click on the graphic below to learn about this important initiative.



  1. Watch out for the oldest–at 11 years old now, he’s an activist in training. He formed his own politics and history club in school, and assigns reading material for group discussion. The club’s sponsoring teacher was blown away at the depth and sophistication of the discussions. She said he was leading discussions of subjects of which she hadn’t even been aware. She was also surprised at the number of students who were highly engaged. Sometimes he even surprises me.

    I’m looking forward to what he does this year with his history classes. Perhaps he will follow in the footsteps of his ancestors who were highly regarded history professors at the third oldest college in the US.

    (Yes, he is wearing an “Ole Miss” hoodie.)

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