Also known as the saga of the coiffure.

trump hair1For decades people have found an undying fascination with Trump’s coiffure. Trump himself seems to have the same fascination and an ever-growing need to have people fondle his locks to affirm that it is hair and not some alien life form that has oddly sprouted from his pate.

He has confirmed that his locks are lacquered in order to preserve his fastidious coiffure; however, everyone loves to view the moments when Mother Nature musses his locks into something resembling a slightly used mop.

The whole Trump hair opera keeps calling up images of the classic original rock musical of the late 1960s when I was a young adult in the tumultuous times before and after Woodstock. For those who missed those times, let’s take a trip back to the Cowsills who popularized the central song of the epic and ground-breaking rock musical of the decade that changed American culture. Perhaps every Trump public appearance should be preceded by this song to remind us all of everything that Trump doesn’t stand for.

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