Entertainment or News?

Many people have begun to decry the failure of televised mainstream media to cover news in a factual manner. Rather, news has fallen into the corporate profit trap of entertainment, and as such becomes biased when it comes to serious broad-based reporting. In essence, much of the news is now competing with “reality” (actually contrived) entertainment. Whatever happened to our meaningful reporting stalwarts like Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite?

Huffington Post, both in the US and UK, took the unprecedented step and set the example for the rest of mainstream media when they relegated US Trump coverage to entertainment. In the UK, although there is some Trump coverage as it relates to UK politics, there is a very amusing comedy section completely dedicated to Trump humor–Trump Watch (recommended to cure the nausea brought on by incessant repetitive US “news” entertainment).

The media salvation currently falls to the secondary Internet-based news sources. At the moment, these news outlets have relatively few who access on a regular basis. When linked through social media and coupled with search engines, the Internet-based media begins to increase its readership, but the numbers being reached are miniscule by comparison to televised news media.

Our Constitutional First Amendment under the Bill of Rights fundamentally established the critical “Fourth Estate” assuring freedom of the press and the information conduit to US citizens. It fundamentally shines the light on government and brings about transparency and accountability. Without an effective, meaningful press, it is possible for government to go out of control and quickly become oppressive to the citizenry. However, we are beginning to see televised mainstream media forego its responsibilities to the public and to the greatness of principles on which the nation was founded. We need a real and viable Fourth Estate in this country now more than ever.


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