Bernie Birdie

Six weeks following the election, we listen to the incessant paddle whack of the pundits trying (mostly in vain) to play analytical ping pong with Hillary’s bouncing little white ball. In similar fashion, the Democratic Party formed up their circular firing squad shooting wildly at every shadow passing through their range of sight—there is no clear target and it matters not who gets shot in the willy-nilly barrage. Is anyone ready for this entertainment-for-the-idiots contrived drama to end, and the discourse move on to something of substance that really matters to the American people?

There is something happening without the fanfare of blaring trumpets that few are willing to ascribe any validity. Bernie and his symbolic birdie are out there talking directly with the American people. So far, only Chris Hayes of MSNBC seems to have noticed the significance of what Bernie is doing. Bernie’s birdie may be instructive to us all. His lovable birdie has no racial, religious, gender, or any other identity cage—birdie is a regular little free birdie who has the same needs, cares, and wants of every other birdie. Most notably, Bernie’s birdie is still out there singing the same melody that free birdies have sung for thousands of years. Sit back for a moment and listen to the caged birdies of Maya Angelou, Alicia Keys, Ayla Nereo, Aubrey Peeples, Jhyve, and J Cole. These are all universal songs that have meaning for all little birdies who yearn to be released from their cages.

Hillary insisted that we all play identity hopscotch with her, but all she achieved was to smash her feet on every little identity square she could find. It was her game, and her rules that she has been arrogantly playing for decades—I saw the game up close in the mid 1990s while lobbying for human rights in Washington, DC. All she proved in 2016 is that identity hopscotch is a losing game—she should have learned the lesson in 2008 when she tried to play it with Barack.

For decades, Bernie has been following a more universal concept of intersectional action. Unfortunately, the birdies in their own little cages may not see the master key to all cages that Bernie is carrying with him in his travels back and forth across the river—I saw this up close in the mid 1990s when Bernie helped us laboriously pick the cage lock that finally began to open two decades later. Bernie is back out there today with his cohort of strategists like Nina Turner, Tulsi Gabbard, and a host of others who know how to pick those cage locks (if folks will just stop throwing the key away). So pick up the damn keys and open up your cages, and pass the keys on to others if you want the freedom of Bernie’s birdie.

Every aviator knows about Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull breaking away from the squawking flock’s cage. Let’s think of the Steve Miller lyrics we loved in the mid 1970s—fly like an eagle everyone.



  1. Astonishing — four months after I wrote this piece, and everything in the first paragraph remains true. The DNC is still wedded to identity politics and Bill Clinton’s playbook. They are still litigating Hillary’s loss, trying to blame it on everything under the sun. Bernie’s 21st century intersectional political strategy is still vilified largely because he doesn’t pass the 100% pure DNC national purity test. Continuation of this DNC national trend will drive the party into oblivion. Read the tea leaves in the millennial and generation Z teacups.

  2. We’re viewing the DNC laid out in its coffin as the DNC attorneys read its eulogy. The Democratic Party is not a democratic organization. Voters and votes do not matter. The DNC elitist establishment can choose who their candidate will be, and manipulate the voting sham however they want.

    We had the nagging feeling that something smelled a bit odd during the primaries. Now, by brazen public admission, we know that odd smell was the desiccated body of the DNC at the undertakers awaiting funerary preservation.

  3. MSNBC commentator Joy Reid has become the ranting mouthpiece of identity politics and defender of the Democratic Party 2016 failed strategy. She is mired in the 20th century Bill Clinton playbook that the Democratic Party learned the hard way will not work in the changed 21st century political landscape.

    Bernie showed us all long ago that political parties are completely superfluous, and in fact may be excess baggage when conducting a successful public service campaign with a message meaningful to the majority of the American public.

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