Bernie Birdie

Dec 19, 2016 Venus 3

Six weeks following the election, we listen to the incessant paddle whack of the pundits trying (mostly in vain) to play analytical ping pong with […]

“Stop Resisting”

Sep 13, 2015 Venus 1

“Stop resisting” is the key phrase that all too often signals excessive use of force by law enforcement officers. It is yelled loudly and often […]

Entertainment or News?

Sep 8, 2015 Venus 0

Many people have begun to decry the failure of televised mainstream media to cover news in a factual manner. Rather, news has fallen into the […]


Aug 28, 2015 Venus 0

Also known as the saga of the coiffure. For decades people have found an undying fascination with Trump’s coiffure. Trump himself seems to have the […]

Fluff, Fiction, and Fear

Aug 22, 2015 Venus 4

We’re looking at some Presidential candidates brimming with fluff, fiction, and fear for their constituency’s consumption. Unfortunately, many voters play into the game as their […]

Elephant Muck Up

Aug 21, 2015 Venus 7

It appears the GOP has a new sport this week–mud wrestling! As if there is some great difficulty acknowledging the reality of “birthright citizenship,” the […]

Higher Education for All

Aug 20, 2015 Venus 1

Years ago I did some extensive postgraduate research about access, aspiration, and achievement of post secondary students in higher education–it was a 5-year longitudinal study […]

Robber Barons Redux

Aug 19, 2015 Venus 0

Little did we know that the “robber baron” history of 100 years ago would rear its ugly head and repeat itself. The parallels are strikingly […]

No BS Bernie

Aug 18, 2015 Venus 0

Bernie Sanders is a bit of an enigma to many–folks just don’t “get” him because he is not the conventional politician. I remember working out […]