For the fun of it, I thought I’d serve up a blast from the past with a few of my radical gendeRevolution articles from the 1990s. This was a time where I was totally immersed in activism both on a local as well as a national level. Contextually, it was during the Bill Clinton period and we found out rather quickly that he reigned mightily with false promises—anything to get your vote. It was also the period where I learned just who Bernie Sanders was and how he thinks. Twenty years later it was a deja vu with the Hillary and Bernie fight for the nomination.

This was also the period where I came to fully understand the beauty of intersectional politics versus identity politics—intersectional politics is the core model that Bernie uses (see Bernie Birdie post on the Home page). Intersectional politics is inclusive and identity politics is divisive. With that notion in mind, we battled using intersectional politics and the gendeRevolution articles were written within that framework. It worked and 20 years later in 2015 and 2016 the work we did began to pay off.

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