Gynephilia and the matriarchy
God was a woman

Perhaps it is time to resurrect those tumultuous times of the late 1960s and 1970s when women’s rights and sexual orientation rights were in a cultural revolutionary stage. The labrys was the symbol of the reawakening of women and a movement not seen since the decades of cultural shift brought about by the women’s suffrage movement. In 1976, Merlin Stone’s “When God Was a Woman” underscored the long history of the matriarchy predating the approximate 5,000 year old religiously founded patriarchy. Historically, the patriarchal paradigm centered on control of reproduction through total control of women. Today we are seeing a huge Semetic religion based patriarchal attempt to regain the control lost in the “gendeRevolution” of the times.

Ironically today, few young women know what a “labrys” is much less the history and meaning of the symbology. The labrys was one of the most popular women’s tattoos of the times.

What say you? Is 2015 the year to revisit our “gendeRevolution” and reclaim those hard-fought gains we’re seeing eroded today?

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