Venus Rising


Here I am retired after two careers spanning over 20 years each. Rather than encouraging a vegetative state of senility fogging the mind and senses, the thought occurred to write occasionally on perceptions of things happening around the world.

The worldview caveat is that of a sexagenarian (an amusing term) of the Western hemisphere, a student from a quaint old school founded in the 17th century, an aviator often viewing the world pass distantly below the deep clear blue-black view of space, a geek of the worst binary, octal, and hexadecimal kind, an educator from the echoing halls of higher academia, and a purveyor of political humanity of the vocal sort.

There you have it. Caveat in mind, off we go to grab some perspectives of the bustling world around us that is often such a kaleidoscopic chaos that it sometimes boggles the senses of logic and rationality. Of course, while the obverse image of perfect logic is sometimes true, we are far too frequently confronted with amusing ironies that inspire a humorous if not sardonic response.

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